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Child Labour

Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan

Child labour is a menace that affects Arunachal as well as the whole nation. Despite many efforts yet many children are still seen being engaged in different business establishment. We believe the prime reason for this is because of improper guidance to the children who have no option than working owing to their financial condition.

We therefore will be not only concentrating in curbing child labour but simultaneously work in providing guidance and counselling to such children.

We will conduct rigorous seminars and workshops including renowned resource persons and engage the stakeholders like small business establishments and many more.

Also a massive creative campaign will be launched to educate the people to report such cases so that quick action can be taken.

Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan

‘Hamara Arunachal’ aims at being the cradle of public and administration joining hands together to make Arunachal Pradesh better and perhaps the best state in the country. As a platform for the masses this project will underline the eradication of problems faced by the people and at the same time be a learning gateway for ushering in positive attitude and development in the lives of the people and the state as a whole.

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